Carl Dudley and Friends

Going to Church

I was busy enjoying the day job this past week when someone started asking about my music.  The person I was working with mentioned that I hadn't written anything on my blog in a couple of years and have not released an album since 2011.  What can I say, she was right.  But now she's not.  At least as far as the blog, I am now current.  She probably will be right again in a year or so. 

I go to church every Sunday.  Love it.  I think what I love more though, is running into church during the week.  Running into people of faith, followers of The Way, who go about doing their job as best they can trying to honor Christ.  To me, running into church is that unexpected and blessed moment when you meet a fellow believer hard at work out in the world and instantly bond in the love, fellowship and encouragement that comes from being part of God's family.  So I ran into church this week in Susanville CA and I will be richer for the experience.  God's blessings to my friends.