Carl Dudley and Friends

Hacking a Post

I was doing my once a week maintenance on my web site and noticed it has been 4 years since my last post.  So much for once a week.  Last blog post was in 2014.  Where does the time go.   So as long as I am here, I will post a new blog.  Think I will steal it from my friend Teresa Hunt.  Love her pictures, appreciate what she has to say and most of all am grateful for her friendship.  Here's a link to her blog about the night she visited a jam session.


I did a couple of other things, took out the links to MySpace pages for some of the artists that have recorded at the shop.  I guess MySpace hasn't been around for awhile.  So no more dead links.  I also uploaded an unreleased song called TODAY.  I didn't write or record it today, I wrote it in 2010 and recorded the guitars vocals and harmonica around then.  Added the bass and drums at a Friday night jam with Rick and Jim in August.  Only thing about TODAY that got done today is the final mix.  Just needs mastering, but it's ready for preview on the unreleased songs page.

Thanks for reading.  Look for my next post in 2022.

God bless