Carl Dudley and Friends

Look Away

Look Away has been remastered for MP3 and is available for download.  This song was the lead off song for side two of the album, back in the day when albums had two sides.  It was mixed for cassette and was never been released on CD. 

Scott Hybl, the owner of Northstar Recording in Portland and the engineer and producer on my Covenant album played the kick drum, sort of.  He was working on digital samples of real drums (and lots of other sounds) very early on and had some of the original E-Mu systems.  I don't recall if the kick drum was his sample or not, but he played it on a keyboard.  I remember when people stopped by the studio, on more than one occasion,  he pulled up the track and had them give it a listen.  At some point Scott teamed up with the two drummers that played on Covenant, Mark Schulman and Brian David Willis to produce Drumscapes™, a selection of perfectly played real drum samples.  I can almost guarantee you have heard these sounds if you have listened to music in the last 20 years.

Of course none of this fun trivia has anything to do with the song.  But, I think the song still speaks for itself.  And Scott's production on my album sounds timeless to me.  Scott will always be my hero.  In my opinion he has done more for the NW Christian music scene than any other individual.