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Carl Dudley and Friends: For a Life Time

Carl Dudley and Friends: Faith Hope Love

Carl Dudley: Sometimes There Are No Words

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Carl Dudley and Friends

Only Hope

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Carl Dudley and Friends


Another song performed with OPEN FIST. Jim Swanson was our lead singer in OPEN FIST and he joined me for the harmony on the recording.  I played the song for the producer, Scott James the day before we were to record it.  He said nice song, but it would be better with a bridge.  So by the time we recorded it, I had written a bridge.  Just one of the many ways Scott made my first album such a timeless work. 

Mark Schulman was on drums. Rob Farley provided the piano and the Jupiter 6. John Standefer played the electric nylon string guitar solo. Scott James played the triangle and Thom Dudley played 12 string.