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Carl Dudley and Friends: For a Life Time

Carl Dudley and Friends: Faith Hope Love

Carl Dudley: Sometimes There Are No Words

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Carl Dudley and Friends


Lead guitar:  Scott Duke

Bass guitar:  Rick Dudley

Drums:  Jim Cummings

Guitars and Vocals:  Carl Dudley

Other musicians as noted on the MP3 download page

Recorded by Barry Hagen, Early Bird, Newberg Oregon Sept 1989 to May 1991

Produced by Carl Dudley and Jim Cummings

Executive Producers: Kent and Cheryl Severns for Leon Clinton Productions

Cover art by Lori Dudley

Mastered for CD by Ryan Foster, Super Digital, Portland Oregon


All songs are © 1991 Carl Dudley

Published 1991 Jesu Music

All songs are BMI