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Carl Dudley and Friends
Dawson Hunt


© 2010 Teresa Hunt Photography

Used by Permission

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"Music is what feelings sound like." (unknown)
From his Mom
"Dawson started asking for piano lessons when he was 5-6 years old. By the time he was in second grade he was finally able to take lessons. He continued to take piano lessons until the 6th grade.   January of 2011, Dawson and his brother Devin were in a fatal car accident claiming both their lives. Dawson was a smart young man with the mind of an engineer. After the accident I found out Dawson had been writing a song."

It appears to be an unfinished song.  Just a few bars from a sheet of staff paper, with the last two measures very faded and hard to make out.  At first listen it seems fairly simple, but the 6/4 time signature and subtle shift in the tonic note are a bit of a surprise from a beginning piano student.  Like all music, it connects the thoughts and feelings of the song writer with the thoughts and feelings of all who hear.  It is one heart speaking to another.  I can't listen to this without thinking of him playing his completed concerto in heaven.