Carl Dudley and Friends

Take the Time-Still I Know

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Carl Dudley and Friends


Take the Time Sometime in 1975 at a bus stop on the corner of 15th and Market in Ballard WA, I wrote this song. I later found out the this spot at one time was the location of a church where my great grandfather was the minister. My wife Lori did some percussion on this song.

Still I Know
Written in 1986. This is the only studio recording to date of OPEN FIST. Kent was visiting from Alaska and did some of the acoustic guitar and his harmony vocals. A few weeks later Jim Swanson came by to add his harmony. Okay, we weren't all in the room to record at the same time, but is was still awesome fun to finally record the group.


Take the Time and Still I Know have no gap between songs; both songs download with this link.