Oh boy!  Christmas in July.  Well yes, Immanuel is a song about the birth of Jesus.  At least the first verse is.  The second verse is about His ministry; the teachings and miracles recorded in the four gospel books of the Bible.  The last verse  is about His sacrificial death on the cross to free all people from their sin.  Giving up His life to die on the cross is not the end of the story.  Three days and nights in the tomb, and He rose from the dead and lives and reigns forever.  My mom calls this song a summary of the entire New Testament. 

I made a little music video of the rough mix that can be found on YouTube.  The final mix is quite a bit different, but both versions are of the same performances.  They are just mixed differently.  Here’s a link to the video version. 

And here are the words and chords: 


Intro: (4ct ea)                    D             G             D             G 

Verse 1 

D                               G 

Long ago a starry night 

    D                           G 

A baby boy, the angel’s light 

D                                    G 

Shepherds came to see the sight 

           D                                         G 

And marveled at what they beheld 

D                                    G 

A father’s pride, his mommy’s joy 

D                                 G 

Who could tell this baby boy 

          D                       G         

Had given up all of heaven’s glory 

           D                     G 

And left His home above 

Chorus: (repeat after each verse)

D             C 


D                       C 

You chose to dwell 

D                C 

God with  us                                                                                                    Last time: 

D                  C                           G                             A                                           D             

Revealed to us 

Verse 2 

D                                    G 

Long ago out  by the  sea 

D                               G 

Teaching us what we could be 

D                                G 

Come you said and follow me 


And I will give you life 

D                            G 

Speaking with authority 

          D                                 G 

The lame could walk the blind would see 

        D                              G 

The broken hearted   you set free 

                  D                            G 

By the touch of your loving hand


Verse 3 

D                     G 

Long ago upon that hill 

D                           G 

You proved your love was real 

        D                       G 

By hanging on the cross until 

         D                          G 

The price for sin was paid 

D                                     G 

Dead and buried was not your end 

                D                                 G 

Three days and nights in the tomb and then 

  D                           G 

        My God! You rose again 

           D                     G                             

And set this captive  free

Immanuel © 2007 Carl Dudley

Drums and percussion:  Jim Cummings

Bass: Brad Gill

Piano:  Daniel Duran

Acoustic Guitar and Vocal:  Carl Dudley

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