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Carl Dudley and Friends: For a Life Time

Carl Dudley and Friends: Faith Hope Love

Carl Dudley: Sometimes There Are No Words
Carl Dudley and Friends

In This Place  

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.  Isaiah 26:3 ESV.

No doubt the world can be filled with tough times that are full of uncertainty.  But even when everything in the world is going smoothly and all seems to be good, a person may still be struggling inwardly with doubts and fears.  As a follower of Jesus, I have found there is a place that shelters me from the outer tribulation of the world and saves me from the despair of my inward being that filled me…

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Just Another Day  

This is track number two on Waiting for the Change and is the oldest song on the album.  I wrote it while attending Puget Sound College of the Bible, probably in 1974 (I have it written down somewhere).  I played this song with a band made up of Jim Swanson and Kent Severns and myself.  I think I did a rather good job of replicating our harmonies.  Maybe it's just me but I think I sound like Jim on the high harmony and Kent on the low.  How do they say it, I gave it the old college try.  Anyhow, the effort…

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He's Your God  

Okay, call me crazy, or think I am a fool.  But I believe God created the world in seven days.  You can read everything I know about this in the first two chapters of the Bible, in the book of Genesis.  There are additional details scattered throughout the Bible, but the basics are all right there in just a couple hundred words or less.  How long were the days, I really can’t say.  But I do not believe they were millions and billions of years long.  

Here’s another crazy thing I believe.  I have a better…

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Waiting for the Change  

I think Christians from every generation have thought that Jesus would return in their lifetime and the end of the world, or rather the recreation of the world would take place.  Oh, and the final judgement would take place too.  It seems like the apostle Paul and most of the other apostles that wrote parts of the New Testament all felt this way.  Paul wrote maybe a third of the New Testament and almost two thousand years later, well he was right about everything else. 

Hey, no surprise here, but a lot of…

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Watch that Mountain  

Here is another track from Friday Night Jam.  As you may recall from other posts, Jim Cummings (drums), Rick Dudley (bass), and I(vocals and guitar) get together most Friday nights to play.  This started out back in 2015 when Rick moved back into the area.  We hadn't played together since we quit touring in 1991.  On the first or second time we got together, I set up the studio for recording and pulled out a new song.  We did two takes, this is take one, at least as far as drums, guitar and vocals go.  Rick…

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I Sing the Mighty Power of God  

My friend Jim was telling me about a movie called Yesterday.  I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but basically a guy wakes up as the only one in the world who remembers the Beatles.  He sings their songs, they are popular and he becomes famous.  I had a similar experience.  I was playing around with an idea for this song by Isaac Watts.  I played the scratch tracks for the lead singer in our worship team at church and she was very excited about the song, loved the words, and (best part!)

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Take My Life and Let It Be  

A very good friend posted a lament on a social media site a few weeks ago expressing what he feels is a lack of depth in modern worship music.  I play guitar and sing on a church worship team, and I can clearly see his point.  Not everything that hits the radio or comes out of the Christian hit machine makes the cut to Sunday worship service at the church I attend.  As I have thought about his comment, I spent some time reading through the lyrics of some of the most recent songs we have added.  There are…

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Clinging to Hope (Dawson's Song)  

January 22 is a sad day for a very dear friend.  Her two boys, Dawson and Devin died in a car accident, nine years ago today.  My wife and I have kept close to Teresa through the years and we have been amazed time and again by her strength.  I have been inspired by how she has shared her experience, especially through her blog, Clinging to Hope-My Journey Through Grief

A few years ago, she came across a little scrap of paper with a music staff and a few bars of notes, written for piano by her son Dawson…

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One More Time  

A three or four weeks ago, I played played a musical interlude during communion and offering.  I had been warming up a little earlier that morning and came up with a chord melody I liked pretty well, so I just went with that.  Lori was traveling, so had the afternoon without any company.  So I started working on lyrics for the song.  For me, most of the time song writing can take several days or at the very least, several hours.  But I had been thinking about the concepts that came out in this song, for…

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Found a Picture 

Actually, I didn't find the picture, but someone did.  A friend at church (Brad Gill) came across an old photo from 1974 of a band I was playing in called Open Fist.  The other two members were two of my best friends at college (and still are), Jim Swanson and Kent Severns.  We had a blast.  I think this picture was us playing at DARG, Puget Sound College of the Bible's annual high school senior visitation week end.  That's Kent on the right, Jim in the middle and me on the left.  I can't quite make out…

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