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Waiting for the Change CD 

If you would like a hard copy of my album, Waiting for the Change, email  If you want to hear about future releases, please add your email to my mailing list.  If you don't every play a CD, you can download all the songs from my website.  Thank you for listening.  Have a blessed and peaceful day in the Lord Jesus.

Keeper of the Promises  

I have vivid memories of living on the Oregon coast and seeing the powerful winds and waves of a winter storm.  I remember thinking, as awesome as the power of nature is, it is nothing compared to the power of the One who created the universe and holds it all together.  I can remember many times looking up at the night sky and being awestruck by the universe.  Having my dad point out distant galaxies in his telescope made it all the more vast and wonderful.  Yet again, as endless as the universe appears to…

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One More Time-Part 3  

Here's One More Time, one more time.  This is the basic track of the song posted on Oct  19 with additional tracks overdubbed of keyboards and guitars.  I am going to call this mixed and done.  I hope you have enjoyed listening as this song grew from a simple recording made in my living room to the final studio version. 

One More Time © 2019 Carl Dudley 

Drums:  Jim Cummings 

Bass:  Rick Dudley 

Guitars, keyboards and vocal: Carl Dudley

One More Time-Phone Recording  

Back in October, I posted a newly written song with drums, bass, acoustic guitar and vocal.  Here's the first recording of the song.  I recorded this on Oct 1 on my phone.  I have started doing this prior to going into the studio, just for practice to work out final lyrics, phrasing and timing.  This isn't ready for prime time, lots of little mistakes, but I thought you might enjoy hearing this version that is only days old. 

One More Time © 2019 Carl Dudley

Endless Love  

Have you ever tried to mix water and oil?  If you take balsamic vinegar and olive oil and combine them in a jar and shake the jar hard for a bit, they will appear to combine.  But set the jar down and in a few minutes the oil will be floating on the vinegar.  By the way this makes a great vinaigrette.  The ratio is 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar.  Or if you want measurements, ¾ cup olive oil to ¼ cup balsamic vinegar will make 1 cup of vinaigrette.  There is a secret to mixing a vinaigrette so that it will…

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Oh boy!  Christmas in July.  Well yes, Immanuel is a song about the birth of Jesus.  At least the first verse is.  The second verse is about His ministry; the teachings and miracles recorded in the four gospel books of the Bible.  The last verse  is about His sacrificial death on the cross to free all people from their sin.  Giving up His life to die on the cross is not the end of the story.  Three days and nights in the tomb, and He rose from the dead and lives and reigns forever.  My mom calls this song a…

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Do You Want to Sing Along (or Play)?  

I wrote this song a few weeks ago and did a quick recording on my phone and posted it.  I have since gone into the studio and recorded a guitar and vocal track.  There have been lots of posts with people doing distance recording and I thought I would have a go at it.  I asked my brother-in-law, Lance Butler, to play piano.  I have added that to my guitar and vocal.  So if you want to sing or play along, download the song to your phone.  Listen on your ear buds and have a friend record you singing or playing…

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These words were written in 2009 and they still ring true today. 

I look around the world I see 

People turn their back on God 

Professing to be wise in their eyes 

They live in foolishness 

I look around the world and I see 

Things going from bad to worse 

The more that we reject His truth 

The deeper we are cursed 

They are the opening lines to Unshaken.  There are a few verses in the book of Romans in the Bible where the apostle Paul makes it pretty clear that when people reject the truth of God they…

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I Still Trust  

I Still Trust was meant to be a song of encouragement to anyone experience heartbreak.  I won’t go into details of the three stories and dear people whose lives inspired these lyrics.  But Allison, Destiny and Teresa, you know who you are. 

As I think about trusting God, I wonder, do I really?  I know I say I do.  But am I living my life in such a way that people are consumed with a desire to know about Jesus.  I don’t think so.  I have another song called Jonah.  You can read that blog too if you want.  In…

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Saturday Afternoon  

Let’s get the title of this song out of the way first.  It is called Saturday Afternoon.  Why?  Well it was a Saturday afternoon in 2005 when I finished writing and decided to record this this song, which at the time had no title.  In order to record a song in ProTools, it has to have a name.  Lacking any inspiration, I called the file Saturday Afternoon as a placeholder.  This is not uncommon.  Paul McCartney allegedly used Scrambled Eggs as his working title for Yesterday.  I am able to connect the dots…

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