Do You Want to Sing Along (or Play)? 

I wrote this song a few weeks ago and did a quick recording on my phone and posted it.  I have since gone into the studio and recorded a guitar and vocal track.  There have been lots of posts with people doing distance recording and I thought I would have a go at it.  I asked my brother-in-law, Lance Butler, to play piano.  I have added that to my guitar and vocal.  So if you want to sing or play along, download the song to your phone.  Listen on your ear buds and have a friend record you singing or playing along.  I can make no promises I will be able to use every track sent to me, but I will sure give it a try.  Email your audio/video file back to me along with permission to use it.  Let's see what we can come up with.

I don't have music but I do have a chord chart.


I hope we can figure this out and have fun at the same time.  Looking forward to singing or playing with you.


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